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The Total Process

Whether you need a full run of rotomolded products, or a one-off vacuum formed prototype, contact Faribo Manufacturing Company. We specialize in plastic manufacturing for clients across the United States and Canada. Whichever method we use, our process ensures high-quality results every time. Each step is quality controlled and each production procedure is set up to produce the best possible product. We closely monitor the entire process for consistency and adherence to customer specifications.

The Steps


1. Heating
The rotation mechanism is permanently mounted within the oven. The molds are moved from the oven to the cooling, unloading, and filling stations on roller-type tables. Once the molds are readied for the next cycle, they are transferred to the station near the oven door.

2. Molding
After a heated plastic sheet (made soft and pliable) has been secured, a mold is placed directly under the sheet and slight pressure is applied to seal the plastic sheet. A vacuum is applied which forces the softened sheet against the contour of the mold walls. With cooling, the product solidifies and retains the shape of the mold.


Fine Tuning

3. Fine Tuning
The product is brought to the "fine tune" shop. Here, changes, adjustments, and custom manufacturing assists are created. With a full complement of specialized machines, original manufacturing aids are put together and regular molding maintenance is completed.

4. Custom Work
When you need a product that can't be produced by conventional means, contact us. Custom fabrication is a painstaking process that requires specialized expertise. At Faribo Manufacturing Company, we specialize in one-of-a-kind and longer-run products. Each order is designed, prototyped, and produced to the most exacting specifications.

Custom Work


5. Assembly
This is where we put it all together. Precise hole cuts are made, specialized fitters are installed, reflectors are fitted in place, and we put the finishing touches on each individual product.

6. Pulverizing & Mixing
Because polyethylene particle size and geometry are so crucial in the manufacturing process, Faribo Manufacturing Company does its own pulverizing and mixing. Faribo Manufacturing Company's ideal particle is spherical, with a smooth surface and a narrow size distribution. That ideal must be maintained at all times for best results.

Pulverizing & Mixing

Quality Control

7. Quality Control
Quality control is a part of all Faribo Manufacturing Company processes. From start to finish, all steps in production are closely monitored. Specifications are rigidly adhered to, manufacturing preparations are precise, production is constantly checked, and the finished products are expertly examined to ensure our rigorous quality standards are upheld.

8. Warehousing
Expanded warehousing at Faribo Manufacturing Company offers scheduling flexibility. Large units that may be difficult for you to stock at your location can be warehoused here, ready for shipment. Slow-to-move units move from storage to customers as needed. Stock items are always available and ready for shipment.


Made to Your Specifications

That's the total process at Faribo Manufacturing Company. Whatever has to be created and produced is a planned and schedule operation. From start to finish, every step receives the same thorough attention, because it's that total attention to detail that produces high-quality products. Each and every product is made to your specifications.