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Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is a great method for producing large plastic parts with thin walls. It is versatile and affordable, making it a great choice for experimental and first-time production. Contact Faribo Manufacturing Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to learn more about this process. We also offer rotational rotational molding for hollow plastic components.


How It Works

The vacuum forming process involves heating a plastic sheet while it is held in a frame. When the sheet becomes soft and pliable, the mold is placed directly underneath and slight pressure is applied to seal the plastic to the upper mold edge. A vacuum is then applied through small holes in the mold cavity. The atmospheric pressure forces the softened sheet against the contour of the mold walls. The product solidifies as it cools so it retains the shape of the mold once removed.

Common Uses

Vacuum forming is used to produce a wide range of industrial products. Acrylic materials are especially effective in the formulation of VF products. These products have low breakage rates, high tolerance for temperature variation, and excellent resistance to chemicals. Common products produced using this method include:

• Covers
• Housings for Motors
• Waste Containers
• Liquid Transporters
• Ice Drawers
• Water Fountains