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How to Obtain a Quote on Custom Parts

1) Forward a detailed sketch, drawing or blueprint to Kristy Hoffstatter:
Phone: (800) 447-6043 or (507) 334-4376
Fax: (507) 334-0674

Mailing Address:
619 Park Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55021

2) Be sure to indicate if you already have tooling or not. If so, provide any relevant details about tooling.

3) Note any inserts, additions, or "secondary" operations desired (e.g., graphics, connecting to or shipping with additional components, holes to be drilled, etc.)

4) Indicate preference for bulk packing or individual boxing.

5) Indicate quantities to be quoted.

6) IMPORTANT: Be sure to provide means of contacting yourself by email, U.S. Post, and phone or fax.